Robert Puksand

National Managing Partner

Making Space – Notes on Field House

Key Trends Shaping Workspace Design

Gray Puksand Profile

Heidi Smith


Federation University Australia

Prahran High School

Francesco Perrone


Tais Borges

Project Leader

John Pinkerton

Project Leader

Michael McShanag

Senior Associate

Chris Scoble

Senior Associate

Dale O'Brien

Senior Associate

Interior Design

Commercial Profile

Workspace Profile

Education Profile

Jun Lee


Sian Wright


Kangan Institute for WAF 2013

Ferntree Business Park

Aimee Munro

Interior Designer

Kristy Coak


Monica Dang

Graphic Designer

Simon Macdonald

Architectural Graduate

Graphic Design

Verdon Styles

Senior Associate

Kelly Wellington

Senior Associate

Scott Moylan

State Partner

Refurbishment Profile

Nik Tabain

State Partner

Workspace Wellness

Tim Waugh


Elizabeth Hall

Interior Designer

Udit Sharma

Architectural Graduate

Kylie Douglass

Architectural Graduate

Sam Wong

Interior Designer

Zeinab Movahedi

Architect (Registered Iran)

Retail + Hospitality Profile

Owen Dixon Chambers West

The Evolution of Australia Post’s Workplace

The Future Of Workspace

Tertiary Profile

Mid-rise Commercial and Business Parks Profile

Catholic Learning Profile

Brendan Cotter

Pragya Gupta

Architect (Registered India)

Josh Clarke

Architectural Documenter

Phil Calleja


Betty Chen

Graduate Interior Designer

A Piece Of Architecture

An Inspired Future for the Design of Commercial Precincts

Jennifer Lyons


Bruce Yum


Charnay Mouldey

Interior Designer

Anna Radice

Architect (Registered Italy)

Industrial Profile

Kevin Miles

State Partner

Health Capability Statement

Mark Ciavarella

Project Leader

Sarah Friend

Architectural Technician

Claire McNamara

Graphic Design Graduate

Georgie O’Halloran

Interior Design Intern

Kyle Lockwood

Project Leader

Nothing Seemed Different But Everything Has Changed

Trade Training Profile

Retirement, Lifestyle and Care Profile

Stephen Turner


Major Projects Profile

Early Learning Profile

Is God In The Details?

Craig Saltmarsh


Mark Freeman


End of Trip Facilities Profile

Anna Breheny

Director of Interior Design Sydney

Carly Chisholm

Interior Designer

Maria Correia

Director of Interior Design Brisbane