Gray Puksand provide a presence at street level that branded the building as a ‘premium’ offer.

The refurbishment of Casselden is a combination of providing a contemporary identity to an 80’s government building and achieving energy-efficiency initiatives to align with the client’s goal to provide an outstanding standard of office accommodation and amenities for the future. 

The solution provided to ISPT reconfigured the entry to remove the frequent visitors to foyer that congested the space (Visiting Immigration and Electoral Commission). We removed the electoral commission and replaced it with a food and coffee area that opened directly to the foyer and enlivened the space.

The mezzanine level was realigned, stairwells removed and the building line pushed further to the street corner. All these works, with the inclusion of quality materials to re-clad walls, significantly increased the size and presentation of the foyer to provide a result that it has today. 

Building upgrades include:

  • Expanded foyer with high quality finishes and improved access
  • Themed café with Green Wall and out-of-office meeting spaces 
  • New consolidated cyclist facilities with amenities and lockers for 200 cyclists
  • Blackwater treatment – connection to precinct infrastructure in 50 Lonsdale Street 
  • High levels of IEQ to boost occupant health and well-being
  • New facade and revolving doors to suit expanded foyer 
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