City West Water is a truly sustainable water business, providing innovative services to their local community.

Representing value for money through delivering a reliable service to customers, affordable and safe water for today and tomorrow. Connection with their community is tangible; they actively engage, educate and participate in community events. It was this message of integrity, innovation and respect City West Water wanted to celebrate in their new workspace. City West Water relocated the head office to Footscray, the new activity centre development.

The new location however offers a more connected location to public transport, shopping, community centres, education facilities and other services. It moves City West Water directly into their community. The workspace design reflects the City West Water community. The provision of large interconnected breakout spaces provides the natural hub of activity for the working environment. Located directly on entry to each floor, and connected vertically via an open stairway, these spaces are more than a place to make coffee or have lunch.


Ample bump spaces, offer opportunity for knowledge sharing. The diverse open meetings spaces allow staff to quickly come together for team meetings and collaboration and the interspersed focus spaces allow for quiet attention and concentration.

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