Driving innovation in human performance research.

The Hub is a purpose-built laboratory facility developed by the Faculty of Human Sciences (Psychology) that draws together a range of simulation devices into one location to facilitate collaborative, cross-disciplinary, translational research across a wide-range of disciplines. It is the only facility of its type in the world, enabling concurrent research in the human performance aspects of driving, sport, music, aviation, marketing, and legal and illicit drug use.

The Macquarie University Simulation Hub is a good example of an incubator space and partnering of industry. Ausgrid use the Flight Simulation Laboratory for virtual drone training (on a large curved LCD screen) prior to sending their technicians into the field, medical research is conducted in conjunction with the Macquarie University Hospital, Cochlear use Virtual Reality Laboratory to test more controlled conditions for balance, authorities such as NSW Police operations and NSW Ambulance Service also use the Facility and the Motion Capture Laboratory is used in collaboration with Australian Institute of Sport.

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