Providing safe and flexible spaces to guide students in achieving their learning objectives.

This project looked to provide better access to Macquarie University’s student services. Within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, our designers were asked to create a number of spaces for student support services as part of the University’s MUSE (Macquarie University Spatial Experience) program-providing safe and flexible spaces for student interaction. Where students are accessing support around their enrolments, sometimes conflict may arise. 

The design uses a variety of techniques to make the space safe, including acoustic privacy booths, chill-out areas, and meeting rooms with multiple access points-assisting in the safety of staff dealing with tense encounters.

The aim was to help keep students on campus and to provide another access point to the services they need. Ultimately the design works to improve the health and circulation of the campus, by offering a satellite to Macquarie’s larger MUSE spaces.

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