The suite of hotel-like touchpoints lead the user to a surprise sense of luxury in the basement.

Refresh is shared between two commercial office towers so the challenge was to provide an identity system to assist the wayfinding abilities of the user.

The Refresh identity starts with a sophisticated backlit disk sign in the laneway entry and continues with a custom-designed bike path. The Refresh logo has been extruded into three dimensions with a gold face, visible to cyclists as the come down the ramp creating an arrival moment. 

Continuing with the disk, inspired by the perforated bike enclosure, beautifully understated signage is evident in the lobby while a fine-grain disk graphic provides a degree of privacy for people occupying the yoga studio.

Special care was taken in the selection of all the materials in the suite of hotel-like touchpoints that are in juxtaposition to the basements environs – creating a surprise luxury and unique sense of place.

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