Safety, shelter and security are the key to the values of a superannuation fund.

The design of accommodation to support 200 people to make a significant cultural shift into a modern working environment, and to breakdown a stratified structure was the key challenge for this project. As the aspirational change was considered to be quite significant for their people, a two-step strategy was devised to provide a soft introduction to the new way of working.

The executive has directed that VicSuper change completely to an agile environment within a 6-8 year time frame. This project was the step change to help them achieve this goal. A series of stakeholder workshops determined that safety, shelter and security are the key values of their company, and these aspirations were to be the foundation for the design response.

VicSuper’s large floor plate is broken up to allow distinctive neighbourhoods to develop whilst maintaining clear line of sight and activity within the work floor. An internal staircase linking two floors via the staff breakout space provides the opportunity for town hall meetings, quiet reflection, play and relaxation.


The design of the Vic Super workspace drew inspiration from the shelter and safety provided by the bushman’s hut in the high country.
A series of timber huts are dotted through the workspace, providing points to read, discuss and think.

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