‘’Understanding that we all learn differently, and that we all seek to continually develop ourselves, our minds, how does the built environment around us (externally and internally), that we design in collaboration, aid that desire to learn’’

With 28 years of architectural experience, Kevin has been involved in projects across a range of sectors, particularly in commercial, education and retail. Extending from his time working in the Melbourne Studio, Kevin is now State Managing Partner in Queensland.

Dedicated to client service throughout all project phases, Kevin holds his relationships in high regard – deeming the importance of communication to provide high quality outcomes. Kevin believes each project should be delivered to suit the unique needs of the client as well as contribute to the surrounding community. His range of experience has given Kevin a holistic skill set; “retail taught me the process, workspace taught me the importance of interior designer influencing the architecture of commercial buildings, and now, education is teaching me that we all learn differently and that the built environment can assist with this”.

As a passionate mentor, Kevin provides an important platform for emerging designers to access advice from the practice’s experienced design practitioners through knowledge sharing and support. He leads the Brisbane office with the philosophy that a team approach will deliver successful and rewarding projects.