Workrooms, a company working with property owners and tenants to design and manage short term flexible, and technology driven office space, identified an opportunity to provide a co working space on the Gold Coast.

Building on previous Workrooms in Sydney and Melbourne the brief called for a bespoke elevated design that connected to the unique location and in turn it’s end users.

Drawing inspiration from the coastal aesthetic we used muted colours and natural materials whilst ensuring a balance with the professional environment creating a sense of identity and an experience that felt authentic to its location.

From a space planning point of view, it was important that we created a harmonious relationship between amenity and utility, and this was achieved through a series of break-out areas. These Break out spaces foster creativity and collaboration and allow tenants – often small business owners and sole practitioners – the opportunity to network amongst themselves. It also means they can choose how they work, whether in a private meeting room or at the kitchen banquette.

While each area is clearly defined, the overall design is cohesive, brought together through a relaxed aesthetic that takes inspiration from its Gold Coast location. A muted scheme of blonde timber floorboards and cream-coloured walls and carpets provides the backdrop for dove grey stools and blue armchairs. The effect is warm and inviting and generously sized windows also let in panoramic views of the ocean, making the interior appear all the lighter and brighter. There’s a strong sense of local identity embedded in the design, and this is part of its appeal.

Another priority was to deliver a design that had sustainability at its heart, and this informed the selection of finishes. Laminates, solid surfaces, and paints were not only chosen for their elegant appearance, but for their healthy profiles too. These all work hard to create a healthier environment, which supports sustainable practices and conscious design. This interior effortlessly reminds tenants of their proximity to the beach and in doing so, delivers a space that is extremely pleasant to work in.

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