Strategically positioned adjacent to the new Melbourne Metro interchange, 412 St Kilda Road offers more than just an enviable location; it serves as a gateway to effortless connectivity and stands as a living testament to the harmonious blend of history and innovation. This strategic vantage point ensures convenient access to the city’s pulse, fostering a natural alignment between architectural elegance, convenience, and purpose.

412 St Kilda Road surpasses the conventional notions of architecture; it’s a symposium of heritage, innovation, and panoramic beauty. It encapsulates the spirit of Melbourne – a city that venerates its past while embracing the future with open arms. Each corner echoes a rich architectural history, every window frames a breathtaking panorama, and every space nurtures collaboration and inspiration.

The journey of 412 St Kilda Road is one of rebirth and reimagination. After years of slumber, this building underwent a stunning transformation, reinvigorating its very essence. Through innovative design strategies, the building’s intrinsic value was not only revived but also elevated.

Throughout this architectural metamorphosis, the design philosophy remains anchored in the building’s historical roots. Paying homage to its original refined yet robust architectural form, new elements seamlessly interweave with the existing design narrative. The result? A symphony of timeless elegance and redefined character.

However, the embodiment of innovation doesn’t conclude there. A strategic approach led to the adaptive repurposing of two and a half floors of the car park, ingeniously transformed into brutally simple, yet elegant office spaces. This astute transformation not only introduced an impressive 4,200 square meters of Net Lettable Area (NLA) but also underscored a commitment to resourceful architectural design and sustainability.

A crowning achievement of this architectural renaissance is the addition of two new floors, each crafted to encapsulate Melbourne’s skyline in all its splendour. These elevated levels serve as a canvas, inviting panoramic views of the Melbourne Shrine, Albert Park Lake, and the glistening expanse of Port Phillip Bay to grace and elevate the architectural experience.

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