At Gray Puksand we’re focused on your success.

We are a national and multifaceted practice, able to offer you the opportunity to work on projects of significance among a team of likeminded professionals.

We believe in creating a psychosocially safe environment where everyone feels supported and safe to take risks. This allows us to create a high performing team environment, fostering more creative and innovative outcomes. We also believe in recognising everyone’s contributions and celebrating our team’s accomplishments.

Above all, in our people, in our projects and in the way we work, Gray Puksand is defined by integrity. Building on a determined work ethic and a positive workplace culture, we’re proud of the position of respect we have earned in our industry, and we look forward to continuing that tradition with you as part of our team.



Mentoring is a fundamental part of who we are. Informal mentoring occurs throughout our teams every single day, while our structured mentoring program provides individual guidance through an allocated mentor and in some cases, a sub-mentor.

We have two professional development meetings each year in which we celebrate our wins, discuss our challenges, and look at our long-term and short-term goals. This allows us to work together to map development and reach our goals.

Learning and Development

Our structured learning and development program includes:

  • Structured graduate program for all professionals
  • Registration program including assistance on all AACA pathways to registration
  • Internal and external training programs relating to both technical and soft skills (people, presentations, relationship building)
  • Allocated time for ongoing training and professional development activities
  • Clear career progression and competency frameworks

Active involvement

As part of the Gray Puksand team, you’re invited to become part of our working groups:

Innov8 – Discuss the latest technology and how we might use it within our design processes.

Sustainability Group – Help maintain a focus on sustainability in our design processes, well-being + wellness certifications and internal business practice including environmental management.

Culture Crew – Ensure our fun and inclusive culture continues to engage all staff through cultural events, creative exhibitions and sporting activities.

Design Forums, Symposiums + Reviews – Engage with our strong focus on our design culture. We have regular forums, symposiums and reviews where we can share ideas and add to the overall collaborative nature of our design process.

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