Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) secured a 10-year lease for Levels 3-8 at 611 Elizabeth Street North Stage 1. The base building is designed by Gray Puksand and houses Toyota and Woolworths Metro as other anchor tenants operating from lower levels of the building.

Royal Melbourne Hospital engaged Gray Puksand to design and develop 6 floors for office accommodation and clinical use. 5 of these floors house workspace accommodation for various RMH clinical and non-clinical support services which had been previously relocated from the nearby RMH Parkville site.

The remaining one floor is a patient clinical area consisting of Outpatient Renal Dialysis Unit, Multiple Sclerosis Centre, and Neuropsychiatry Outpatient Departments. The project provides a consolidated and improved work environment whilst relieving spatial pressures within the RMH campus.

The design narrative revolves around the key concept of ‘Humanity with Purpose’ which was derived from RMH’s core values. The design focuses on this concept by further emphasising the key pillars of Wellness, Diversity and Biophilic Design.

The design vision is centred on creating a calm, secure environment that forms an oasis away from the city below. The use of biophilic principles ; including use of materials and forms that reference nature imbue a sense of tranquillity and reduce the clinical feel. The goal is to create welcoming spaces that de-stress patients, companions, and staff alike.

Special consideration is also given on acoustic treatment throughout the spaces to achieve a productive, safe, and supported staff and patient care environment.

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