Part of a nationwide competition, a new series of concrete tiles by KAZA has hit the market – designed by Gray Puksand interior designer Aimee Munro.

A lot can happen in 12 months. That is certainly the case for Gray Puksand interior designer Aimee Munro, whose winning tile design has come to life with Hungarian concrete tile specialists KAZA.

Munro’s winning design titled ‘Diverge’ is made up of five unique tile designs that can be interchanged and used in an infinite range of patterns and shapes. The concept for the new range came from Munro’s personal style, which the designer says is “influenced by colour and strong geometry”. Inspiration for the deceptively simple array of patterns came from the Bauhaus movement. “The clean lines and bold colour of Bauhaus art and design have always resonated with me, the concept to marry that aesthetic with an honest and adaptable material like concrete developed quite naturally.”

The design for each tile in the range is strong enough to stand on its own, yet can also be integrated into a unique pattern, which was a deliberate design approach. “The simplicity of each tileform is strong on its own. But when you pair them or group them and layer that with colour it becomes something quite versatile. Essentially allowing people to interpret it as they wish, or what the project calls for,” says Munro.

On winning the competition, Munro said she was excited to see the product come to life – a process that included a trip to Budapest, Hungary, to visit the KAZA factory. While on the journey, Munro got to see her design take a 3D shape through a series of prototypes and development. Something that stood out for the Sydney-based designer is the story behind KAZA and how it operates. “Beyond the impressive technology KAZA uses to create the mould, everything is produced by hand. Each tile is inspected and finished individually, it’s such a unique fusion of craftsmanship and modern advancement.”

Undertaking the project sparked a passion for Munro, allowing her to “come at design from a different angle”. She adds that Gray Puksand was incredibly supportive throughout the process. Ultimately for Munro, this type of project  “feeds into the client work and your creative mind”.

Diverge by Aimee Munro is available in Australia now through Academy Tiles.