Gray Puksand have been participating in the famous Archisoccer comp since 2008.
Archisoccer is a lot of fun for everyone involved from players to supporters, and is a great chance to further socialise with colleagues and connect with others in the industry. There are 5 divisions of approx. 10 teams each in total playing on Thursday nights. Gray Puksand welcome anyone who is interested to join the team or come along and cheer on the players!


Typical Archisoccer season:

  • Six per team competition (male and female players).
    Note: there needs to be at least one female player for the duration of each match.
  • Half size pitch with small goals (typically architects and interior designers with a few ‘mixed’ ring-ins).
  • 2 x 25 minute halves (game over within an hour).
  • Typically kick-off at 6.30pm and finish at 7.30pm.
  • Games are on Thursdays each week, beginning on the Thursday after Melbourne Cup in November.
  • 9 games in total for the season, with 4-5 games (Nov-Dec) and 4-5 games (Late Jan-Late Feb)….plus a few more games if we make it to the finals!
  • No training sessions….unless people are eager to organise this.


Gray Puksand will be placed in division 1 after topping division 2, placing overall runners up last season (2018-2019) from a field of 49 teams.

Stayed tuned!