The dynamic wayfinding and environmental graphics inspired by the patterns in QR code.

Gray Puksand employed strategic planning, dynamic wayfinding and environmental graphics paired with an understanding of the bike rider and the fitness enthusiast to deliver a dramatic repositioning of the existing shower facilities at 300 Latrobe Street in Melbourne’s CBD.

The facility is reclaimed space from Wilson Parking – so adopting the concept of the QR code was a relevant graphic response as this type of matrix barcode first designed for the automotive industry.

The code narrative is evident from the entry laneway with environmental graphics that lead the users through to the bike store. The bike store is fabricated in perforated panels in various patterns derived from code patterns.

All signage is custom designed to comply with statutory regulations and further reflect QR code patterning consisting of black squares arranged in a square grid creating a layering effect and a strong identity for the new facility.

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