The Cromwell Property Group Global head office embraces the concept of The Cromwell Lifestyle, inspired by Queensland’s relaxed lifestyle. The design prioritises emotional connections between people, spaces, and technology to foster community, wellbeing, and learning. By incorporating native plants, natural light, a warm colour palette, sustainability, and First Nations art, the interior reflects the essence of Queensland.

The workplace settings are thoughtfully designed to encourage collaboration and inclusivity, providing spaces for socialising and connecting. Additionally, areas like the library, sunroom, wellness room, multifaith room, and focus rooms cater to individual needs, offering retreats for focus and relaxation. The feature staircase, influenced by Queensland’s residential spaces, enhances connectivity between floors, creating a welcoming atmosphere for both staff and visitors.

The design acknowledges the diverse needs of the workforce, recognising that individuals have varying working styles and preferences. Flexibility in settings allows users to choose environments that suit their preferences, fostering a sense of belonging and productivity. The interior design seamlessly integrates elements of community, wellbeing, and learning, creating an enriching experience for all staff.

In terms of innovation, The Cromwell Lifestyle takes a unique approach by tapping into users’ emotions, sense of purpose, and sustainability. The design reflects Cromwell’s brand and culture, creating a workplace that is not only distinctively Queensland but also globally relevant. Thoughtful inclusion of First Nations elements highlights a commitment to cultural sensitivity. Sustainable practices are evident through the use of eco-friendly materials, refurbished furniture, and vintage pieces from second-hand marketplaces, contributing to a biophilic experience.

Ultimately, Cromwell sets a standard for best practices in workplace design, offering a template for creating a thriving, innovative, and emotionally connected working environment.

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