The Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training aims to be unique in the Australian context.

At the outset of the project, the client leadership identified a need for the building to be a unique facility which facilitates a different approach to the teaching of engineering, embedding research activity, emphasising design and with a curriculum aligned to both school and industry needs. Traditional fields of mechanical, civil, electrical and chemical engineering were to be seamlessly re-visioned and united, supported by the concept of project oriented design based learning.

Through an extensive exploration of the learning model alongside international examples and review of learning space typologies, planning teams from existing curriculum streams worked collaboratively to establish a facility brief for a new type of engineering facility, consistent with and supportive of the new pedagogy. By ensuring a diverse mix of learning settings, open flexible workspace and easily reconfigured studio environments, CADET is able to adapt on a regular basis to the needs of the student curriculum and industry requirements.


With shared design studios, product realisation workshops, large studio based specialist laboratories, numerous informal spaces for interaction and collaboration and a unique academic staff workplace environment, CADET is well placed to become an outstanding example of possibilities for the next generation of engineering graduates in Australia.

By exploring access and usage of strategic equipment and highly serviced technical areas, the planning teams were able to develop an understanding of “how to do things better”. Many of the internal areas have been positioned not only for functional, spatial and infrastructure requirements, but by their ability to be reconfigured, expanded or re-fitted for other uses.

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