A new kind of architecture addresses the needs of the 21st century workplace, putting the human experience front and centre.

Work and everyday life are blurring. It’s a continual blending that presents opportunities for new kinds of business hubs and precincts that can address this need.

Gray Puksand’s design for 631 and 633 Springvale Road is a response to this, putting the human experience front and centre. From the way end-users will feel in all aspects of the twin buildings and its surrounds, to a holistic consideration for the amenities on-site – every element is measured against human factors to enhance the overall experience.

The removal of cars across the ground plate was key to the design strategy, opening up an activated the plaza precinct that presents an ideal space to relax, work outside, eat, read or socialise. Social interaction within the plaza is further facilitated through a series of interactive spaces including green zones, covered and paved areas, Wi-Fi spots and BBQs, with a rooftop garden on 631 accessed via a distinctive corkscrew stair.

The buildings are conceived as a series of flat planes stacked with a void between creating positive and negative elements. These elements provide a robust and proud architecture that announces the new precinct to the corner. Strategically placed cutout forms emphasise a tension between the positive and negative plates, while simultaneously facilitating balconies and plantings in both buildings. The connection to nature facilitated by these elements plays a vital role in supporting wellbeing in the workplace.

Biophilic design principles have also been integrated through the insertion of an internal skylight atrium in 631. Pushing a much-needed agenda for healthy building design, the shape of the floor plate in 631 with the atrium ensures that every person within the building is within 12-metres of a window. Another crucial addition to both buildings arehighly detailed end of trip facility, which is appointed with high-end amenities including lockers, a towel service and luxurious materials.

As a holistic precinct offering, 631 +  633 Springvale Road considers all factors for the end-users, creating a new kind of architecture that responds to 21st century working needs.

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