The 21st Century office building should provide opportunity for fresh air and access to greenery with a focus on the. All decisions have been made through the lens of the human experience to create a space that people want to occupy and thrive in.

An integrated landscape design, provides the building, its tenants and wider community with a connection to biophilia, creating a visual amenity that is seasonal and organic. Each office level has access to a wintergarden designed to act as both a place for retreat and for reenergising. The overall building design celebrates this offering by allowing this organic space to break, physically and visually, the considered but simple glazed façade.

The rooftop hospitality offering crowns the building creating a unique opportunity to generate an elevated visual reference that is activated.

Placing such an offering on the roof top, with an independent and direct access, provides the opportunity to bring the public realm from street level to the city skyline, giving back to the wider community the possibility to experience the amazing views of the city and the Bay.

The site is nested within an area of Geelong that is undergoing significant growth. The design proposes a building that engages with the street at a pedestrian level as well as contribute to the quality of Geelong’s changing skyline.

The building acknowledges and works with the topography blurring the boundaries between public and private spaces through the creation of amenities that support the building’s tenants as well as the wider community.

The main access into the building is done along Gheringhap Street, where the building invites people in by offering them a place to rest, to socialise or undertake informal work. The lobby, with a double height ceiling establishes a visual and physical contact with the mezzanine level.
The intent to activate the street frontages, aligns with the proposal to locate end of trip and wellbeing facilities as well as informal, collaborative, social and co working environments on the Mezzanine level.

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