The end-of-trip (EOT) facilities for 530 Collins Street exude a luxurious day spa feel, in keeping with the office building’s premium offering. In working with The GPT Group to deliver shower and locker rooms, as well as a three-floor lift shaft and new pedestrian and bike entry connecting the lobby to bustling King and Collins Street corner, Gray Puksand focused on quality outcomes that provide safe, considered, equitable and dignified access for all who use them.

Pulling on several design threads on the building’s recently completed ground plane redevelopment, the scheme redefines the space and features materials reminiscent of clay, cracked earth and cut stone. This organic, muted palette enhances the feeling that the space is cut away from rock, serving to immerse the end user in a setting that is relaxed and calming. As they move from the large lobby through the newly created vertical stair and lift connection, they are taken on a ‘subterranean journey’, from light to dark, bright to moody. Sandblasted marble tiles, mixed with bluestone crazy paving and feature glass add to the highly textural palette, as do the plush furnishings in the entry area.

Another of the upgrade’s key successes is the inclusion of 24 individual ‘shower rooms’ that provide each user with a basin and mirror. Together with the heavily featured marble vanity tops and splashbacks and completely bespoke detailing, the experience is akin to staying in a luxury hotel. This adds value to the building’s tenancies, in an age where office amenities are considered integral to making the workplace appear more attractive to employees.

Gray Puksand also maximised the facilities’ compact space in order to fit in as many services as possible, without compromising the comfort of end users. Clever planning allows for plenty of room to move and built-in lockers and a lack of unnecessary embellishment makes for a timeless, minimalist aesthetic. These facilities function as a retreat and a place to refresh before heading back to the office.

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