Architecture must respond to many elements and address differing aspects whilst creating spaces that are a delight to occupy. Our opportunity with 10-18 Brougham Street is to provide a building that responds to specific aspects of the site.

When viewed from afar, people respond to buildings that have a sculptured element and provide a dynamic facade and shape that provides a slightly different view each time you look at it. The building must contribute to the evolving Geelong skyline.

The ground floor plane is designed with a connection laneway between Bayley & Brougham Street.

It must respond to its immediate context and respect the low and mid rise forms of the transitional precinct. Brougham Street is dominated with brickwork and pre cast concrete structures, the podium response should respect this context and provide a materiality that is compatible and appropriate.

The pedestrian condition requires the building to provide texture, movement, activity and diversity at the ground plane.

The Feasibility massing is based on the following:

– Maintain the Brougham Street, street wall height in relation to the existing neighbouring ‘Dennys Lascelles Limited’ brick warehouse.

– Above the street wall, Discretionary 4.5M Setback to the North and South boundary.

– Above the streetwall, Reccomended minimum 3M Setback to the West and East boundary.

– Articulate the street wall into separate sections to break overall scale, proportion + form.

– Consider connection or pedestrian link between Brougham Street and Bayley Street.

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