End of trip. Start of lifestyle.

Chifley Tower has long been seen as one of the most premium real estate sites in Sydney. 

Over the past few years, the tower has been developing a new sense of lifestyle through design and practices for its brand and imagery. 

This ‘Chifley Lifestyle’ brand has been consciously developed through additions such as a flourishing and luxurious retail space and eatery within the tower. This brand transformation, for the betterment of the tower as well as the tenants, could not be complete without modern End of Trip facilities. Enter Gray Puksand.

The modern workplace has undergone a dramatic shift in recent years with the advent of unique agile and flexible spaces with wellness in mind. 

Thanks to Gray Puksand’s expertise in end of trip facility design, this shift in workplace culture has been to huge benefit for the Chifley Tower.

The end of trip facilities have been developed to line up with the Chifley Lifestyle brand ethos. The new facilities are composed of over 200 bike racks, 28 showers and roughly 400 new lockers. Creating a premium, luxury-focused experience was the paramount challenge for the design of the new facilities. 

Gray Puksand has been focused on this aspect of contemporary commercial design, and was more than adept for this challenge. The result was achieved through the use of high-end fixtures and quality materials, such as natural stone, stained glass and fine brass.

The individual shower rooms and incorporated dressing areas are replete with luxurious vanity stations that create a sense of space, and serve as the epitome of opulence and prestige for employees using the facilities. 

Every detail from the custom designed signage to the beautiful bespoke stained glass panels were carefully considered to reflect the buildings premium persona – the Chifley Lifestyle.

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