Gray Puksand partnered with Launch Housing, a community organisation that delivers homelessness services to disadvantaged Victorians to design their Collingwood Hub.

The brief was to create an inspiring space connected to their client values, and culture supporting the consolidation of existing teams into a single, agile workspace.

The use of colour was used to represent the architecture, landscape and textures of Victoria, the terracotta tones mimic the brickwork, burst of colour reimagine the Collingwood mural, the blue tones of the Alps and the earthy colour of the Yarra Park walks.

This project has sustainability at its heart using carpet tiles from discontinued lines, excess stock and samples to create a striking and playful design challenging the misconception that sustainable design is inherently more expensive.

The agile workspace includes grouping work areas by function including collaborative workspaces, phone booths, nooks and quiet rooms understanding some conversations are confidential giving staff the ability to book rooms based on the level of privacy requirements.

Launch Housing’s workplace showcases the project team’s dedication to eco-friendly design and cost-effective sustainability.

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