Transgrid sought a versatile workspace transformation for their headquarters in Ultimo Sydney, spanning four floors, levels 1, 2, and 3 dedicated to Transgrid and 9 to Lumea, with a goal of reinvigorating the office environment, reconnecting staff, and fostering a sense of community. The agile working model implemented offers varied workspaces, including centralised collaboration zones, informal spaces, and focus pods to provide choices and flexibility, addressing the previously lacking quiet zones.

Revitalising underutilised spaces like the Winter Garden was a priority to enhance collaboration and culture. Front-of-house rooms were crucial for improving the client experience, promoting a welcoming atmosphere, and integrating Transgrid branding and indigenous elements, celebrating ties with local communities. Additionally, achieving a minimum 5-star Greenstar rating was a key objective.

Lumea on level 9 adhered to similar principles, emphasizing human connection and innovation with a soft and timeless palette but bolder tones for a more informal and creative feel. The design concept for Transgrid focused on ‘converging,’ symbolising the movement of energy and electricity. Circular and linear elements were merged to create spaces fostering communication, togetherness, and showcasing Transgrid’s values. Throughout the workspace, references to electricity lines and networks underscored the core business concept, emphasizing community empowerment akin to electricity. The design aimed to reflect Transgrid’s history while demonstrating its progressive nature.

For sustainability, existing elements were retained, such as back-house meeting rooms and repurposing timber blades from original telegraph poles for tiered seating in the Winter Garden. This not only contributed to sustainability but also carried historical and emotional value for the business, symbolising community through town halls.

While design concepts shared similarities for consistency, each retained its unique identity to align with the respective company’s values and branding. Budget constraints and Greenstar requirements led to the retention of existing rooms, while strategic integration of the staircase void promoted movement and connection between floors. The revitalised Winter Garden, now a social hub, featured a new kitchen, flexible furniture, and advanced AV systems, successfully energizing the space.

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